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GIF animations

Motion pictures made mostly with Gimp and Pixen.


The claymovie-series with 7 parts was made in 2006. The same year, I made a long film from the 7 pieces (and added a few frames to them) for a competition called "Freestyle computer" (Szabadfogású számítógép) and won an award. In the following years the clay movies were screened in several places. » View playlist

Clayman and the water

Clayman and the dog

Clayman and the cricket

Clayman bakes cookies

Clayman on the field

Goes to the end of the world

Clayman and Sketchman

Stories from the claybook

Gabriel Bethlen

This is an adaptation of a story about Gabriel Bethlen's life. Made for the children in the Reformed Congregation in Budapest Józsefváros in 2009.

Other short films

Short films made with various techniques.

Animals of the forest




Short films about games and paper toys.


4 free games

Blue friends (paper toy)

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