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POSTA and the guestbook returns!


POSTA postcard sender and the guestbook have not been working for a long time. Now, I managed to repair them and they are fully functioning!

Blue Friends: Flashback


I am pleased to announce my first iOS game available on the App Store!
Blue Friends started as a competition entry in 2008, then it was a Dashboard Widget in 2009 that hit the 1st place in the list of the top widgets. In 2013, the adventure of the Blue Friends continues in a full-featured arcade-adventure game on iPhone & iPod touch! » Check out Blue Friends: Flashback here!

Pig 3.0


The new version of the game Pig is available! Thanks to the web technology (html5, css3, javascript), I was able to make a downloadable and an online version, too. Now you don't have to deal with the operation system anymore: the game depends only on the browser, so you can play it freely if you are a user of the latest Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari! It works... » more

I am!


The website has got its own address! It is the first time in the seven-years-history of my homepage that you can find it by a stand alone domain name. From now please share this address.

Here is Bubu!


Bubu the new paper toy has just arrived! It looks nice under the Christmas tree, too. :) » Go to the page of Paper toys

New pig is on the horizon!


A new version of the game Pig is coming soon - in the style of the classic Commodore64 games. Now it runs on the web platform, so it does not depend on the operating system anymore!

POSTA postcard sender


You can send your custom greeting card with the safe and simple POSTA postcard sender.

Choose one of the drawings, graphics, photos or Bible verses from the gallery to use it on a postcard. The upcoming postcard can be customized easily (variable text and background colour, different fonts) and you can view it as a ready-to-send image below the editor! As... » more



Three new pages are available, full of downloads! The page of the paper toys is returning with a new origami. » Have a look at Fox and the other paper toys!
Two new drawings have been added to the page of Colourings: Mushrooms and Family. » Go to the page of Colourings
Wallpapers - or simply very big pictures. Click on an image to view it on its page, where you can download the picture by clicking on the "Download" button. » Go to the page of Wallpapers

Animations, movies & Photos


Now the page of the photos is also available! You can browse them by their topic and location. The photos can be commented on their Flickr page like drawings and graphics. » Go to the page of Photos
I've uploaded a few GIFs, clay movies, short films made with different techniques and other animations, too. » Go to the page of Animations and movies

Drawings, graphics & Bible verses


I've just finished the gallery! Now you can take a look at my drawings and graphics from the previous website. I've also added some new pictures to the collection.
If you are looking for one kind of graphics only (eg, pixel art), you can filter the images by categories. Move the cursor over a picture to display the blue-pink button in the top-right corner... » more

New website


Let me introduce my completely new website with new sections, features and a brand-new design! Some memorable news from the previous homepage can be found in the news archive below.
As you see, I've used an unusual form of navigation beside the traditional one on the front page. I hope you will enjoy playing with it!
I haven't uploaded all of the contents yet, but I will do it as soon as possible!

Little Bee and the experiment


Henk Engst made a funny experiment with Little Bee. If you are curious, go to his website and see what he made... You can find Little Bee at the paper toys, too. » Go to the page of Little Bee

Mr. A has been the fourth


Mr. A got the fourth place in Clickteam's Wild Widget Contest!
Mr. A is an association Widget for Multimedia Fusion 2. It will help you to make your applications more professional. If you put Mr. A into your application, it will be able to associate a certain file extension. You can also save and load files easier than before. » Go to the page of Mr. A

Music Pavilion


The exhibition Music Pavilion, or Tribute to Haydn was on view in The Palace of Arts from 28 March until 5 May 2009. As part of the Haydn commemorative year, participants in drawing and visual culture subjects of the National Middle-school Study Competition were offered the opportunity to furnish a musical pavilion - envisioned in the garden of the Fertőd Castle - as a remembrance of Haydn. My entry has been also exhibited.

Blue Friends in the newspaper


The Blue Firends Dashboard Widget appeared in Apple's German newspaper, the Mac Life in November, 2008. They choose 6 applications in every month and they compare them. Blue Friends got the most points in November!
The game appeared in another publication too, in the "Best of Dashboard-Widgets" heading. » Go to the page of Blue Friends

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