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TimisziNagyon jó lett az oldal... megérte várni :P "Az Istennel töltött idő felkészít, hogy szembe tudjunk nézni bármivel, amit az élet hoz." Sarah Kidd :):) (15/03/2012)

Weini Teljesen megdöbbentem, nagyon szép, sokoldalú ez az oldal... gratulálok! :) (06/12/2011)

Márk Tök király lett ez az oldal, szép munka :D (29/08/2011)

--- Entries of the old website ---

Codemonkey Awesome movies!

Robin I think you have done a fabulous job on your website :)

Jon222 Nice games! And the lego movie was good too.

Alex Blue Friends is interesting, but a little hard, i do not seem to be able to jump both while running... (keyboard issues?) can you please make the music optional. i personally find it very annoying. but an innovative game that is for sure :D Well done!

koesac Hi guys, I love your widget. But it has caused me some what of a headache today. Please can you change it so that the music stops playing when the widget is not active. It continued to play even after I had restarted my computer, and I had to speak to Apple Care before I could locate the source, (your widget v1.2). I am a fan of your stuff, but this seems like an issue that needs to be addressed, so I wanted to raise it. Thanks

FooFighter Hey Simon...good luck with your site! i wrote here xD

ZaCh i love the GIFs

Caesar Nice website Czentnar! I also like the Booga Boo remake - well done!

OHmyPURPLEdinosaur heyyyyyyyyyyy i love all of your stuffs! yay! luv from american 11-yr-old!

Emily I love blue friends, but i think the boats should be worth 3, the mountains worth 2, and birds, 1 tee hee

Laura and Patrick We love Blue Friends!

TreeHugger The 3D Menu Widget is great! I'll definitely be incorporating it into my project.

OldManClayton Great site! :D I like it that you have Bible verses on here.

--- Entries of the "really old" website ---

Jamie Greetings from Australia. Game looks superb, looking forward to giving this a decent go. Many sleepless nights pending. Keep up the good work. Go Retro!!!!

Reaper And one more thing, U should consider keep doing lego motion pictures.
yours’ Reaper

Reaper Hi Simon!
First of all, I’d like to congrat for this page. I’ve first met your work 3 years ago, since than U did make a lot of progress! I like the style of this new homepage, but I really miss some old stuff from the previous one. Wish U good health and endurance to keep working.
P.s. U made a good job on Booga-boo, but it’s so hard that I couldn’t complete it! Job well done!

Adam A malac tetszett, de van benne egy érdekes hiba; Ha a játék kezdésekor addig dobálok amig 1 nem lesz akkor egyb!l 81 pontom lesz utána pedig mindig simán nyerek. + szerintem nem túl jó ha lehet két ugyanolyan nev" játékos.
A másik játékot elindítani sem tudtam mert Window Initialization error-al kiszált.
Sok szerencsét a versenyen! Remélem náluk azért elindul. (Én is indulok. ;))

Thierry Great! im playng this Game from Spectrum Version at least 20 years! ... Great Remake !! pd; sorry my english is very poor
From Argentine ....
Best Regards ...
Thierry Olmedo

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